Peter Eccles rugby captain, sports figure, superage ambassadors

Peter Eccles, 62, on being a Rugby captain, family and healthy living

Sixty two year old Peter Eccles living in Windsor has an impressive passion for keeping active which he shares with his family. Having played rugby since he was only 9, Peter shared that he cannot imagine life without playing. He followed a career in sales & marketing and is now working as a field interviewer which gives him more flexibility, however he has always found ways to make rugby an integral part of his lifestyle regardless of his job. 

He says he feel lucky to live close to the Great Park which is perfect for running & cycling together with the town having a lively social life with lots going on, which demonstrates his amazing love for living life to the fullest.

1. What would you consider as your main passion?

Rugby - I have played from the age of 9 to 60 and still captain Windsor RFC Vets team (we are going on tour to Marbella in April next year). I have also coached mini & junior rugby for 15 years, am Vice President of Windsor RFC and play touch rugby twice a week in a Maidenhead league.

2. What motivates you?

Leading a full life which is centered on my family (together with 1 yr old grandson!), our friends (from the rugby club and our local singing & golf group) and keeping fit and healthy through exercise and the right nutrition.Our family are all sport orientated with my wife being a Pilates teacher, son who has rowed and plays touch rugby for England and daughter who has also rowed and is a netball player with a first class degree in Sports Science.

3. What advice would you give the 20-year old you?

Try everything once, look after your body better through improving your diet, appreciate your family & friends more and start your pension earlier!

4. Which one food, one activity and one daily habit they would never give up on?

Fruit & vegetable breakfast smoothie, playing rugby and my daily stretching routine.

5.  How does your diet play a role in enabling you to pursue your passion?

A healthy diet is critical to enable me to play sport & exercise and to follow all my passions. It provides me with all the nutrients I need to maintain good health and energy levels.

6.  What's your favourite superfood and why?

Blueberries as they are high in antioxidants and also sweeten smoothies!

7.  If you've made a change to a plant-based / more plant-based diet - How would you describe the change and its impact?

As part of an overall plan to reduce particularly red meat and eat more fruit & vegetables over the last 15 years combined with more exercise I have successfully recovered from 2 major lung operations and negated the effects of my COPD  (i.e., chronic emphysema) diagnosis. I have increased my lung performance by a third and this has enabled me to take up endurance running (mainly half marathon distance but also the London Marathon in 2012) and continue to play both rugby & touch rugby.

8.  How has your approach to nutrition changed over the years and what do you wish you knew sooner?

I now think far more carefully about what I choose to eat and consciously add superfoods to my daily diet. I also take joint supplements and wished that I had known earlier in life which and how superfoods and supplements can benefit the body.

9.  What piece of advice would you give to someone who might be worried about trying something new?

Consider any risks, research the idea but then go for it and give it everything!!


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