julie rainbow marathon runner, superager

Julie Rainbow on running a successful business and running marathons at 56

Marathon runner, pub owner and mother of three young adults in their 20s, Julie Rainbow joined us for a short interview to share some tips on how to look and feel amazing at 56. 

Julie has run her business alongside her husband for 22 years now, while also being a caring mum for her three children, training for and running 10 marathons and many half-marathons and even completing a half Ironman. 

1. What would you consider as your main passion?

My main passion after my family is my running, cycling and swimming.

2. What motivates you?

How good you feel after exercise as in mentally and physically is what keeps me motivated.

3. What advice would you give the 20-year old you?

Take advantage of the opportunities available to you as its much harder when your older.

4. Which one food, one activity and one daily habit you would never give up on?

My porridge, my running and my bedtime reading are the things I would not give up on.

5. How does your diet play a role in enabling you to pursue your passion?

I do have a relatively good diet, however I do like to have treats which I feel I can due to the amount of exercise that I do.

6. What’s your favourite superfood and why?

My favourite superfood has to be nuts as they are a great energy boost and are easily available.

7.  If you’ve made a change to a plant-based/more plant-based diet – How  would you describe the change and its impact?

I have made a change to a mainly plant based diet. I feel much more energised and I definitely do not have the bloating feeling.

8.   How has your approach to nutrition changed over the years and what do you wish you knew sooner?

I think I would have definitely changed to a more plant based diet sooner if I knew how many benefits I was going to experience. 

9.  What piece of advice would you give to someone who might be worried about trying something new?

Always have an open mind because unless you try these things you are never going to know the advantages or disadvantages can be. The effect on your wellbeing is so important.


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